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    Your success drives everything

    When you become a Baker Tilly customer, each of your users gets access to our dedicated Customer Support Team.

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    Every Baker Tilly customer is enrolled in an Unlimited Help plan based on what is included in their subscription.

    After implementing Sage Intacct for more than 1,000 organizations, we have learned, firsthand, that in order to realize the expected payback from Sage Intacct, each user needs help at different points along the way. We have made sure these questions can be answered for every registered user of Sage Intacct through our Unlimited Help Plans - questions about current configurations, reporting, data integrity, functionality and many others. With an Unlimited Help Plan, you have the freedom and confidence knowing you will not be charged for these types of questions.

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    A focus on individual success

    The success of each person using our Sage Intacct-based accounting solutions - from staff accountants to controllers to CFOs and requisitioners, sales executives and management, drives everything we do at Baker Tilly.

    Implementation The first step towards success is implementing a well-designed solution.
    Training The next step toward success is providing end users with access to training resources, both through Sage Intacct and Baker Tilly.
    Support Finally, success requires help and support for each end user, from entering their first transaction to running reports to managing approvals.

    Baker Tilly's support is phenomenal in terms of responsiveness.

    Rudy Mui, CEO

    What you can expect

    We know that success and return on investment can’t be measured when you go live on a new system. Our support specialists and Unlimited Help plans are with you for the long haul.

    What does Baker Tilly support provide for all Unlimited Help plans?
    • Answer questions about the use of Sage Intacct modules under the most current subscription
    • Troubleshoot Sage Intacct configurations
    • Help with reporting and data integrity questions
    • Suggest workarounds and/or feedback related to an error message from Sage Intacct. Error messages typically are generated by Sage Intacct due to data entry or business process issues.
    • Report product defects and/or outages. If it is determined that the product is not working as documented, Baker Tilly will submit a case to Sage Intacct for resolution. Cases will be assigned priority based on the severity of the impact to the company.
    What additional support options are available?
    • Sage Intacct Health Checks, performed by your Baker Tilly Customer Success Manager, to monitor the use of Sage Intacct and to help ensure optimal use of the solution over time. These Health Checks, which are performed during a one to two-hour meeting, follow a standard checklist to assess usage patterns, value received and overall satisfaction.
    • Automatic priority of support cases and help requests
    • Access to Customer Support Specialists during extended hours
    • Discounts off an annual Sage Intacct Business Success Review. These Success Reviews are approximately 20-hour engagements with a senior Baker Tilly consultant to review how well the needs of the organization are being met by the current configuration and to provide insight into how enhancements of Sage Intacct could deliver greater value to the organization.
    • Passes to Sage Intacct Advantage, Sage Intacct’s Annual Customer Conference.
    What else do you need to know about Unlimited Help?
    • Unlimited Help Plans are not intended to replace training. Each Sage Intacct end user will be expected to receive proper training either through Sage Intacct, Baker Tilly or an experienced colleague.
    • Unlimited Help Plans are not intended to replace project work. Examples of project work may include building a report or dashboard from scratch or adding a new transaction definition to support a new business process.
    • Unlimited Help Plans do not include support for customization projects completed by the Baker Tilly Technical Services team. Support for customizations are described in the Customization Project Statement of Work.
    • Unlimited Help Plans are intended to help troubleshoot reporting issues and to suggest ways to get to the root of the problem. Unlimited Help Plans are not intended to provide reconciliations (e.g. Ledger vs. Sub Ledger or Income Statement vs. Balance Sheet) that may be required to confirm resolution of data integrity issues.

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