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    Reveal the levers of CMRR and subscription growth

    Automatically see the KPIs, bookings activity and customer unit economics that expose the levers you can adjust to drive predictable and sustainable growth.

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    SaaS IntelligenceSaaS Intelligence was developed based on our extensive experience working with numerous, sophisticated SaaS companies all struggling to achieve the same objective: access to SaaS metrics that were real-time, automatic, reliable and insightful. Every one of them was ready to ditch their Excel-based models that were lagging weeks behind, were manual, error prone and lacked the details needed to truly analyze their business.

    Who's it for?

    • B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) companies

    • B2B Subscription-based companies

    Get actionable insights to drive growth and attract investors

    Stop struggling with spreadsheets and tools that aren't built for your needs. With Baker Tilly's SaaS Intelligence, you get granular insights you can act on and use to demonstrate growth potential.

    When you keep everything in Excel and split your data by year, it can make trailing twelve-month analysis difficult and it’s less likely that you’ll discover actionable insights and trends. With SaaS Intelligence, we can do that kind of analysis easily.

    Sam Robertson, Corporate Controller
    Quest Analytics

    You get dozens of KPIs & CMRR categories

    With SaaS Intelligence, you get real-time visibility into all the standard, SaaS finance metrics you expect, and more importantly, the ones that you didn’t! You'll have a robust selection of SaaS metrics that enable you to understand the health and trajectory of the business.

    Open SaaS Metrics
    • Total CMRR
    • Total ARR
    • Total Bookings
    • CMRR per Customer
    • Average New Deal CMRR
    • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    • Payback in Months
    • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
    • LTV:CAC Ratio
    • Customer Retention Rate
    • Customer Renewal Rate
    • Customer Churn (% up for renewal)
    • CMRR Roll Forward and Snowball
    • Total Customer Churn (% of total)
    • Gross Dollar Retention Rate
    • Net Dollar Retention Rate
    • Gross CMRR Churn
    • Net CMRR Churn
    • Gross CMRR Renewal Rate
    • Renewal Add-On CMRR
    • SaaS Quick Ratio
    • Gross Burn Rate
    • Net Burn Rate
    • Runway (Months)
    • Total Billings
    • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
    View CMRR categories


    The increase in CMRR from new customers.


    The increase in CMRR from customers who have previously churned and returned.

    Acquired (via M&A)

    The increase in CMRR as a result of the acquisition of another legal entity's existing CMRR balances.


    The increase in CMRR on an existing customer from the sale of additional subscription products or an increase in quantity of existing subscriptions (ex: user count).

    Uplift (↑ Renewal Price)

    The increase in CMRR on an existing customer from an increase in price (or the reduction of discount) on an existing subscription at time of renewal.


    The decrease in CMRR on an existing customer from the debooking of existing subscription product or an decreased in quantity of existing subscriptions (ex: user count).

    Markdown (↓ Renewal Price)

    The decrease in CMRR on an existing customer from a decrease in price (or an increase of discount) on an existing subscription at time of renewal.


    The decrease (loss) of CMRR from churned customers.


    The decrease (loss) of CMRR from cancelled customers (i.e. those customers that never fully adopted/onboarded).


    The decrease (loss) of CMRR from debooking of existing subscription (i.e. item-level cancellation during an active subscription period).

    Pending Renewal

    The amount of CMRR up for renewal (available to be renewed) in a given month.


    The amount of existing CMRR renewed in a given month.

    Foreign Exchange

    The change (increase or decrease) in CMRR on renewals of foreign currency transactions due to exchange rate fluctuations from originating booking to renewal.

    Currency Change Uplift

    The increase in CMRR on foreign transactions due to the combined effect of a change in transactional currency (i.e. prior contract was GBP, and renewal contract is EUR) and derived foreign currency fluctuations.

    Currency Change Markdown

    The decrease in CMRR on foreign transactions due to the combined effect of a change in transactional currency (i.e. prior contract was GBP, and renewal contract is EUR) and derived foreign currency fluctuations.

    Case Study Quote

    We found ourselves often saying ‘What does the spreadsheet say?’ and then ‘But what does SaaS Intelligence say?’ and that process has taught us a lot about our assumptions and our policies around SaaS metrics. It gives you the flexibility to look at things differently, to challenge your assumptions, and to look at true KPIs. It spurs conversations we didn’t use to have around things like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

    Quest Analytics Easily Measures Subscription KPIs

    As the company moved more of its products and services to the cloud, it became clear that Quest Analytics should be measuring itself against subscription business model metrics and evaluating its business as a Software-as-a-Service company. Upgrading their financials from QuickBooks and spreadsheets was a major step in that direction and the company chose Sage Intacct and SaaS Intelligence. “Going in front of the Executive Team to present these metrics is spurring conversations about where to focus our efforts,” says Robertson. “Having these insights that are actionable and strategic come out of the finance department is really cool,” he adds.

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    Products Used
    • SaaS Intelligence
    • Sage Intacct
    • Salesforce

    Advanced Features

    High tech background image with earth planet and connection lines

    Track sell through by channel partners or resellers

    Companies who sell subscriptions through channel partners, such as resellers or distributors, may want to track the underlying end customer to which the channel partner has sold the subscription in either a separate Sage Intacct dimension or in a text field so that they understand who the actual end customer is. SaaS Intelligence can track the subscription activity based on these end customer designations.

    Smiling young man using digital tablet in the office

    Enhanced adjustment capability

    It's easy to make modifications related to contracts and contract lines if the contracts data that you receive from Sales has errors or requires adjustment. Sometimes those mistakes aren't caught until after you've already performed actions within the Sage Intacct contracts module such as Billing, Revenue Recognition or MEA Allocations. Those activities then lock down editing capability to preserve accounting compliance. While these errors may be minor they can have an adverse effect on how SaaS Intelligence interprets the subscription activity related to those contracts.

    With our enhanced adjustment capability, you’re empowered to create SaaS adjustment transactions that are used by SaaS Intelligence as replacement for any errant contracts (either whole contracts or individual contract lines). 

    Built on Sage Intacct

    SaaS Intelligence is built on Sage Intacct’s top-rated financial management solution, the only cloud ERP endorsed by the AICPA. SaaS Intelligence leverages Sage Intacct's innovative general ledger to add analytical depth to your SaaS metrics by using your Sage Intacct dimensions. This enables your business leaders to slice and dice data by key business perspectives such as product and customer. Postings include important data such as Entity, Customer and Item for advanced cohort analysis reporting.

    SaaS Intelligence by Baker Tilly is the only product that tracks your metrics across both the Sage Intacct Contracts and Order Entry Subledgers simultaneously. So it's no problem if you have transactions flowing through the Sage Intacct Contracts module, as well as through Order Entry from an external billing system or ecommerce site. SaaS Intelligence views subscription details across modules, interweaving and interpreting the data to give you the full picture.

    • Automatically links your SaaS metrics dashboard to the transactions that created them for easy drill-down research and audit-ability of the results.
    • Leverage native Sage Intacct reporting features to generate your own custom Dashboards, KPIs, Performance Cards, Reports, and Graphs.
    • Build your own dashboards and reports to integrate key financial reporting with the SaaS metrics delivered by SaaS Intelligence.
    • Direct access to your ERP system of record for live financial and statistical information provides real-time data for variety of vital metrics including customer acquisition costs, gross margins, cash burn, etc.
    • Have confidence in the reliability of your metrics to share with your other Executives and Investors alike.

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    At Baker Tilly, we are continuously improving our products. Please visit this page  to get the latest news on feature addition and enhancements as well as product updates.

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