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Core Financials

Core Financials
AcctTwo empowers you with the only AICPA-approved ERP. Gartner named our software the leader in 2020.

Fixed Assets

Salesforce CPQ Integration
Information flows seamlessly from quotes or contracts without any rekeying.

Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash
Companies that integrate their quote-to-cash often see their Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) decrease up to 30%.

Project Accounting-1

Monthly Close Automation
 Save hundreds of hours of calculations while improving accuracy and compliance.

Contract and Subscription Billing

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition
Intelligent, automated, compliant revenue recognition—with complete support for ASC 606 and IFRS 15

Time and Expense Management

Time and Expense Management
Your system will automatically move data to invoices and revenue recognition workflows for you.


Measure the Metrics that Matter Most and Easily See CMRR Growth Levers

SaaS Intelligence

SaaS Intelligence by AcctTwo enables unparalleled insights into your most important software and subscription metrics. At a glance, you'll see the key performance indicators, bookings activity, and customer unit economics that expose the levers you can adjust to drive predictable growth. SaaS Intelligence interprets transactions in real-time as they post, analyzes the activity, and then automatically categorizes the CMRR into the appropriate bucket. The application does not rely on any user-driven category inputs to make decisions about the type of transactional activity that has occurred – it does it all for you. Easily configure your categorizations for additional flexibility.

SaaS Intelligence was developed based on our extensive experience working with numerous, sophisticated SaaS companies all struggling to achieve the same objective: access to SaaS metrics that were real-time, automatic, reliable, and insightful. Every one of them was ready to ditch their Excel-based models that were lagging weeks behind, were manual, error prone, and lacked the details needed to truly analyze their business. With SaaS Intelligence, it's easy to simultaneously track SaaS metrics across both Intacct Contracts and Order Entry Subledgers for companies that use an external billing system.

SaaS Intelligence completely automates the tracking and bucketizing of crucial SaaS metrics at a level of granularity that goes undetected and unmeasured by many other comparable systems.


Project Accounting-1

Zero Cash Date
Proactively extend your runway and know when to plan for fundraising with Zero Cash Date visibility and reporting.

Contract and Subscription Billing

Investor-Worthy Reports
Readily provide investor-worthy reports with a system everyone can trust. No more arguing over whether your calculations are correct!

AcctTwo Monthly Reporting

CMRR Granularity
Clearly differentiate CMRR details, including Foreign Exchange impact on the CMRR of your multi-currency contracts.

Watch a short video about SaaS Intelligence, only from AcctTwo:

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Old technology holding you back? Concerned about making a change?

The transition might be less worrisome than you think. Consider these quotes from AcctTwo clients just like you!

Business man looking at maze with red arrow showing the path
  • “AcctTwo has helped us successfully move to a cloud-based Sage Intacct implementation and transition from manual data entry to simplify our accounting processes. AcctTwo has had a profound effect and, as we continue to grow our business, we can rely on AcctTwo to support our needs on an ongoing basis. The AcctTwo team advised us how to effectively utilize Sage Intacct to our maximum benefit. It was a real pleasure to work with a support team that was both amenable and patient throughout the process.”
    - Director of Finance, Bombora

  • "I think the AcctTwo team's organizational skills played a huge role in our successful implementation."
    - Accounting Manager, Slice

  • "Our biggest benefits from moving to AcctTwo are flexibility, scalability, accessibility, and the level of detail that we can track and report on." 
    - Director of Finance, Zift Solutions


Case Study: RapidRatings improved their month-end by 4 days with SaaS accounting software from AcctTwo

Since implementation, monthly close tasks are now automated, so the team now has the time to focus on growing professionally and learning new skills to bring more to the business. Since RapidRatings’ implementation, they have:

  • Improved the time to close accounts receivable, commissions, and revenue to the first business day of the month-end close, a time reduction of 4 days using their old manual method
  • Simplified and streamlined key accounting processes
  • Improved overall efficiencies, invoices are automatically sent out within 1 business day of deals closing
  • Increased interdepartmental communication, the sales team is more in the loop of what’s happening on the accounting side

Read the full case study >

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Case Study: teams can create detailed reports on demand

Moving from a homegrown system to QuickBooks meant the Accounting Team no longer had to rely on the CTO to generate financial reports, but migrating with the guidance of AcctTwo has only improved the reporting available to's stakeholders. The company benefits from stronger controls and better audit review capabilities. "We now have a real picture of what our financials are going to be for the month as the month progresses. It gives everyone comfort that we're doing what we say we're doing and we're at where we say we're at."

With AcctTwo's help, now has:

  • Stronger controls and more robust financials
  • Time savings in invoicing and collections processes
  • Real-time sales and earnings reports by dimension

Read the full case study>

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Only the Best for Your and Your Team

The leading partner implementing the leading software means your migration will go smoothly and you'll be on your way to your digital transformation.

Since 2010, AcctTwo has helped more than 800 high-growth organizations when they outgrew QuickBooks, or decided to replace legacy solutions like Microsoft Dynamics or Sage. AcctTwo is top-rated by our customers on G2, has been named to the Inc. 5000 four times, as well as the six-time Sage Intacct Partner of the Year, so you can confidently count on us.


Sage Intacct has been delivering best-in-class accounting software for nearly 20 years. Sage Intacct is consistently ranked the #1-rated subscription billing and accounting software for SaaS companies and is the only cloud accounting software endorsed by the AICPA.

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G2 Grid for Subscription Revenue Management
G2 Grid for Subscription Billing

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Everything You Need, When You Need It

When you need more than what's on board your software, or what your internal team can handle, call on AcctTwo. 

ERP Customization and Development

Supercharge your Sage Intacct cloud financial software with the expertise of the largest Sage Intacct Development Team. Our SaaS Intelligence product is just one example of how our team has taken Sage Intacct from good to great. Think about that wish list of customizations to automate your unique business processes or other requirements. Reach out to us with your craziest idea. We love a good challenge!

Outsourced Managed Accounting for SaaS

Our outsourced, Managed Accounting Service for SaaS companies provides you with a full accounting department that handles your day-to-day processes that would normally be staffed in-house, but without the added hassles of hiring and retaining industry experts. Keeping up-to-date on the latest accounting standards, and being constantly worried about internal controls will be a thing of the past.

Prepare for tomorrow by getting started today. Your future self will thank you.

Schedule time to speak with our AcctTwo SaaS Industry experts to find out how easy it is to migrate.