Responsible Cash Management

The Extend Your Runway series will be led and moderated by Marcus Wagner. Marcus is the founder and CEO of AcctTwo, a services and technology company delivering the Future of Finance and Accounting to nearly 1,000 organizations throughout the country. Marcus and his team have firsthand experience implementing the processes, controls, and technology needed to optimize financial resources, no matter the amount. As a result of this experience, AcctTwo has developed an Accounting and Finance Playbook that Marcus will share.

Responsible Cash Management

During Session Three, Marcus Wagner, Founder & CEO of AcctTwo, Tyler Shoyer, from CBIZ CMF, and Rob Ruoti, AcctTwo’s CFO, will talk about how to accurately forecast cash, develop scenarios, and negotiate terms with customers and supplier alike to improve cash flow.

On-Demand Webinar - Recorded April 16, 2020

About The Extend Your Runway Series:

The Extend Your Runway series is presented by The Cannon and AcctTwo to provide practical advice and insight to start-ups and scale-ups alike on implementing sounds financial practices so that you can survive and ultimately thrive!  COVID 19 aside, maintaining financial health for early stage and high-growth companies can be a real challenge.