Need to Replace Your Nonprofit Accounting Software?

Are you concerned about what the future has in store?

Many things about the future are unclear.
A few things seem to be quite certain.

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74% of CFOs intend to shift some employees to working remotely permanently.

Source: Gartner

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Extreme automation is expected to create never-before-seen levels of maturity in finance operations.

Source: KPMG

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47% of CFOs say they do not have the right mix of capabilities to meet its future priorities.

Source: EY

Old technology holding you back? Concerned about making a change?

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The transition might be less worrisome than you think. Consider these quotes from two of our customers:

  • “Our team expected total chaos, but it went well. We were all very well trained and we knew where to find things. We had a very good check list and it was all well planned.”
    Director of Finance of a national membership organizing and governing body

  • “Go-live was uneventful. Wonderful. It was anti-climactic. The training was fresh and usable.”
    CFO of large, multi-campus church

Migrating doesn't have to be scary. We can guide you. Let's get you started:


Want to Learn More?  Resources for Nonprofits

Case Study

Cambodian Children’s Fund now has the transparency they need and the opportunity to grow their organization without worry that they’ll outgrow their accounting solution with the guidance of AcctTwo.

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White Paper

Find out why "Outcome Metrics - Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World" will require extra effort, but doing so brings immediate and long-term benefits to your organization, funders, and constituents.

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Product Tour

Nonprofit accounting software that you can grow into: That's what you get with AcctTwo. It's been built to solve the unique needs of your nonprofit to deliver on your mission today and into the future.

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Prepare for tomorrow by getting started today. Your future self will thank you.

Schedule time to speak with our AcctTwo Nonprofit Industry experts to find out how easy it is to migrate.