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    eBook: Post-Covid-19 Business Model

    How we can emerge stronger and more resilient

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    Proactive PlanningBecause of COVID-19, businesses and their accounting departments are going through a cycle of shock (and maybe some denial), survival, learning, and adaptation. For those of you who haven’t done so yet, it’s critical to begin the shift into the learning and adaptation phases as quickly as possible so we emerge stronger as a result.

    "COVID-19 has taught accounting professionals that embracing the technological changes brought on by what many are calling the 'digital transformation' of the past 20 years is a key to survival."

    In our eBook we cover the following business continuity topics:

    • The post-COVID-19 business model requires a proactive planning playbook
    • First, the basic blocking and tackling
    • Digital transformation
    • Develop the capability to do what-if scenario modeling
    • Re-examine your business model
    • Transitioning to a recurring revenue model
    • Where do I start?

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