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    Faith-Based & Nonprofit Succession Planning for the Back-Office

    Do you have a succession plan for your back-office?

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    Succession Planning Cover-Sep-23-2021-08-25-39-82-PMImagine being on the leadership team and the Chief Financial Officer of your organization abruptly leaves. There’s no transition time for nonprofit succession planning. There’s no transfer of information. You are just left behind to pick up the pieces. How many months does that set you behind? How many months does that set the organization behind? It’s a mess and causes undue stress on you, your department, and the health of your organization. A proper succession plan could not have predicted this situation, but it would have given your organization a roadmap on where to go next.

    “Finance and Accounting roles are often overlooked for succession planning. However, they are mission critical to running the organization. At Concord Church, we are working hard to make sure that every role has a backup. I know it isn’t possible for every organization to employ or train a backup for every person, in those cases build a relationship with a third-party organization, such as an accounting resource, legal firm, IT provider, etc. If something happened to me, I know that our accounting partner, Baker Tilly, could easily step in and keep the show running,” - Tammy Bunting, CFO at Concord Church. 

    In our eBook, we dig into succession planning steps to take and discuss why it is so important. We provide stories and statistical data to help you clearly understand the necessity of succession planning.

    In our nonprofit succession planning eBook we cover the following topics:

    • The Purpose of Succession Planning
    • The Importance of Good Leadership
    • Culture Really Matters
    • What You Need to Know About Hiring Millennials
    • Hiring from Within
    • Succession Planning for the Back-Office
    • Red Flags to Watch Out For
    • What’s Next?

    About Allison Webb

    Allison Webb Square

    Allison is the Nonprofit Vertical Leader for Baker Tilly's Digital practice, she is a highly regarded CPA with over 20 years of audit and advisory services at both national and regional public accounting firms. She spent 16 years at CapinCrouse LLP and 4 years at Aprio LLP (formerly HA&W). As a Partner at CapinCrouse LLP, Allison worked with churches, foundations, universities, international mission organizations, private schools, and relief and development organizations.

    In addition to her CPA work, Allison is a frequent speaker at nonprofit conferences and seminars. You might recognize Allison from her speaking engagements at AcctTwo (now Baker Tilly)'s Faith-Based Finance Collaborative and Sage Intacct Advantage. Allison is a registered CPA in both Texas and Georgia. She holds a BA in Accounting from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.

    Download the Faith-Based Succession Planning eBook