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    Drowning in data yet thirsty for insights?

    With dashboards and financial reporting from Baker Tilly, you can track performance across any business driver that matters to you.

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    Reporting packages

    What's Included Column
    Documentation - Generic
    Documentation Client Specific
    Live Instruction
    Hours of Report Billing Assistance
    Recorded Instruction
    Taught In Your Sage Intacct Environment
    No Limit to Attendee Count
    Customized Training To Your Environment
    Reporting - Account Groups
    Reporting - Dimensions & Group Structures
    Reporting - Custom Reports / CRW
    Reporting - Financial Reports
    Reporting - Standard Reports
    Graphs - Standard Graphs
    Reporting - Interactive Custom Reports - ICRW
    Dashboard - Training and Security
    Graphs - Interactive Visual Explorer Demo - IVE
    Basic Reporting Overview 750
    2 Hours
    Advanced Report Training 1,250
    4 Hours
    Interactive Customized Report Training 3,000
    8 Hours
    Assisted Report Training and Documentation 5,500
    8 Hours
    8 hours

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    Baker Tilly curates, integrates and optimizes the right technology stack for your organization. We layer in our own proprietary “last mile” solutions. And we offer these technologies either via a Software-as-a-Service delivery model, where your own Finance function manages the day-to-day use of the technology or via a Finance-as-a-Service delivery model where we run your accounting operations and provide the outcomes you need.

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