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    8 Tips for Using Cloud Based Church Accounting Software to Maximize Stewardship

    A Guide to Using Technology to Demonstrate and Maximize Good Stewardship

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    Religious donors understand stewardship and value it.

    2020-05-05 09_13_04-8 Tips for Using Technology to Manage Church Finances - AcctTwo.pdf - Adobe AcroTransparency, accountability, and financial reporting are prerequisites for maintaining trust with donors. Seacoast Church's finance leaders understood this and achieved it. Download our 20-page eBook to take a closer look at how best-in-class cloud-based church financial software affords religious organizations the tools to demonstrate good stewardship among the committees, staff, and fiduciaries entrusted with management over church assets.

    By reading this eBook you will learn: 

    1. How these solutions help organizations engage religious donors with reports about mission impact and outcomes that reinforce what they observe during their own volunteer experiences.
    2. How to apply the 8 tips outlined in the eBook to engage the ever-growing younger generation of church-goers and donors.
    “My role is to provide direction for the future of our church and make sure leaders have what they need to minister to the people day in and day out. Sage Intacct empowers me to do this by providing insights into the financial data so I can work with our ministry teams and board of trustees to help them understand the potential impact of key operational decisions.”
    - Glenn Wood, Pastor of Administration, Seacoast Church, a Baker Tilly client

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