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    05 / 21 / 2021

    New SaaS Reporting Metrics in SaaS Intelligence 2021 R1

    SaaS reporting metrics

    Having a clear sense of perspective into KPIs and metrics is a requirement for a comprehensive understanding of both the predictability and sustainability of a SaaS business model's growth. Fully automated, cloud-based, and built directly on Sage Intacct, Baker Tilly's SaaS Intelligence application provides this ideal vantage point. For the sake of visibility and ease of use, our R1 2021 Release has added some notable features, SaaS reporting metrics and functions.

    Five, Function-Focused Dashboards

    SaaS Intelligence now has five built-in dashboards, providing a unique analysis of subscriptions, activity and business, highlighting important metrics and trends within each view, including:

    Growth Dashboard

    This dashboard contains metrics focused on CMRR and customer growth momentum trends like:

    • Subscription Bookings
    • Average New Deal CMRR
    • CMRR Growth Rate
    • Rule Of 40
    • SaaS Quick Ratio
    • Billings, and more

    The Growth Dashboard provides unfettered access and visibility into the CMRR of your subscription activity, and automatically tracks 16 different categories of CMRR, including: New CMRR, Add-On CMRR, Uplift CMRR, Churn CMRR, and even foreign exchange impacts on your base currency CMRR in the form of Foreign Exchange CMRR.

    AcctTwo SaaS Intelligence - CMRR Growth Drivers

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    Retention Dashboard

    This new dashboard is designed to focus on customer and revenue retention metrics such as:

    • Customer or Logo Churn
    • Customer Retention Rates
    • Net and Gross Dollar Retention
    • Net and Gross Revenue Churn

    You’ll also be able to automatically see renewal metrics such as:

    • Customer Renewal Rates
    • Net and Gross Revenue Renewal Rates
    • Win-back rates for customers that have churned and then returned to your organization

    And with direct insights into overdue renewal data, the Retention Dashboard empowers finance leadership to facilitate dialogue with customer success teams regarding at-risk renewal CMRR - without having to leave their financial system of record.

    AcctTwo SaaS Intelligence - Retention DB

    Unit Economics Dashboard

    By bringing the critical metrics of CAC (customer acquisition costs), months to recover CAC, LTV (customer lifetime value) and LTV:CAC as a ratio to the forefront, the Unit Economics Dashboard enables you to understand the ROI associated with growth initiatives and investments - along with their long-term financial impact.

    AcctTwo SaaS Intelligence - Unit Economics DB

    Cash Dashboard

    With status of current cash balances, working capital, burn rates and runway at your fingertips, your organization can keep cash top of mind.

    AcctTwo SaaS Intelligence - Cash DB

    Audit Dashboard

    This new dashboard highlights information like your organization's CMRR Available to Renew, which provides visibility into future renewal events and the CMRR that will be at stake. The dashboard also includes a CMRR Revenue Reconciliation report to assist the finance team in validating these revenue metrics, as well as quick indicators highlighting any deltas that fall outside of reasonable variances. New reports like CMRR Forward and Snowball allow you and your team to respond to due diligence and covenant reporting requests at a moment's notice.

    AcctTwo SaaS Intelligence Audit DB

    New Categories

    Renewal Add-On CMRR

    The new release adds a "Renewal Add-On CMRR" category, which represents CMRR related to quantity increases of an existing subscription, such as an increase in user count or the addition of a new subscription, that takes place during a customer's subscription renewal cycle. This provides a more precise calculation of net renewal rates as a metric by isolating the expansion as a result of renewal add-on activity.

    Net Expansion and Net Contraction CMRR

    Calculated based on a particular day's subscription activity for a given customer, these categories provide a more conservative approach in calculating gross revenue churn and gross dollar retention by looking at the net effect of subscription activity at the customer level.

    Selling through Channel Partners/Resellers

    Companies who sell subscriptions through channel partners, such as resellers or distributors, may want to track the underlying end customer to which the channel partner has sold the subscription in either a separate Sage Intacct dimension or in a text field so that they understand who the actual end customer is. In response, we've enhanced SaaS Intelligence to more accurately track the subscription activity based on these end customer designations.

    Extended SaaS Adjustment Capability

    Contract data coming over from Sales may include errors that aren't caught until after the finance team has performed activities like Billing, Revenue Recognition, or MEA Allocations.  Those activities then lock down editing capability to preserve accounting compliance. While these errors may be minor they can have an adverse effect on how SaaS Intelligence interprets the subscription activity related to those contracts.

    In this release, we've extended the SaaS adjustment Order Entry transaction capability to support modifications related to contracts and contract lines, providing a simple method to resolve contract errors that may impact SaaS Intelligence even if they are otherwise unable to be edited. With our enhanced adjustment capability, you’re now empowered to create SaaS adjustment transactions that are used by SaaS Intelligence as replacement for any errant contracts (either whole contracts or individual contract lines). 

    For a deeper dive, watch the SaaS Intelligence 2021 R1 Release Notes Video:


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