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    06 / 2 / 2015

    Intacct versus NetSuite: How NetSuite's Ads are Making a Lot of Sense

    Intacct Versus NetsuiteOn May 3rd, NetSuite posted a video to their YouTube channel. It's essentially an advertisement for their cloud ERP solutions told from the perspective of Aaron Levie, Founder and CEO of Box. Box is a cloud-based collaboration tool for both business and personal use that provides things like file sharing, document management, and mobile collaboration. Box is also a NetSuite customer.

    As an Intacct re-seller and evangelist, why am I posting a NetSuite video?

    Well, that's because Aaron Levie makes one of the most eloquent arguments you'll hear for best-of-breed or best-in-class solutions over suite-based applications. And NetSuite is a suite-based application! It’s right there in the name! Watch the video below:



    Some key quotes:

    "What's so great about the cloud is that customers can more easily integrate different kinds of systems together and different kinds of leading vendors together and it's trivial to add another cloud system to that portfolio you want to work from..."

    I agree. And why would you want to buy and implement a solution that tries to be everything to everybody, no matter how unique business requirements can be from one industry to another - from one company to another - instead of looking for those perfect individual cloud solutions that can easily be added to your software portfolio and leveraged to run your business most efficiently and with the most agility?

    "The cloud really allows you to mix and match best-of-breed technologies."

    It sure does.

    "A lot of the technology that we had five or ten years ago actually tends to limit us and constrain our ability to adapt to the changing market."

    Preach on, brother. I assume he's referring to the old days when businesses would buy an end-to-end, suite-style solution that was architected in such a way that configuration for a business' specific needs meant customization via development resources and IT support, rather than clicks, not code configuration and multiple software releases each year that are guaranteed not to break your business processes. NetSuite is indeed in the cloud, but it carries much of that old approach with it: end-to-end software, script-based customization that requires development resources, and a disclaimer that customization scripts and plug-ins could break your company's processes when a new release is pushed out.

    "The great thing about cloud is that not only your cloud vendors are more agile, thus they're updating their technology to help you respond, but as a customer of cloud services, I'm able to mix and match and use different kinds of tools at different times when it's more appropriate for my business."

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Please look at the rest of our Intacct versus NetSuite series, where you can find a lot of information about the differences between the products - functional, architectural and even philosophical differences. If you have any questions please fill out the form below.

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