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    06 / 4 / 2021

    How to Integrate Stripe with ERP Software AND Get Actionable Insights

    How to integrate stripeCompanies are transforming their business technologies at a faster rate than ever. The COVID pandemic has accelerated that transformation. At Baker Tilly, we curate, integrate, and optimize best-in-class financial management solutions. We've found that, even when the best possible technologies for a customer's industry and business model are implemented, there are usually "last mile" gaps that need to be solved for - gaps in process, automations, integrations, or in the ability to get meaningful insights from the systems. A great example of this is evident in our partnerships with Sage Intacct and Venn Technology. Find out how to integrate Stripe with Sage Intacct to fulfill your need for more actionable insights from your finance and payments data.

    Sage Intacct is the leading cloud financial management system for midmarket companies and nonprofits. Venn is a team of Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration experts that have developed the first ever integration between Stripe and Sage Intacct.

    This integration has become extremely popular with subscription and SaaS companies. It allows them to sync their customers between Sage Intacct and Stripe. It also allows them to include a Stripe payment URL in their Sage Intacct invoices.

    stripe integration

    But what about SaaS metrics? How can subscription-based companies track the metrics that matter? Not just CMRR but all the different types of CMRR - New, Recovered, Add-On, Uplift, Downgrade, and more. How do they track different types of Churn?  There's Logo Churn, Gross and Net CMRR Churn. What about Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)? These metrics and more are the pulse of any SaaS or subscription business.

    Most companies either don't track these metrics at all (and are flying blind) or are managing them in Excel, a painstaking and error-prone process. But what if you could get these metrics automatically, calculated by an intelligent engine that calculates and bucketizes transactions, and have them displayed on easy to read and share dashboards? Baker Tilly  developed SaaS Intelligence - an automated, intelligence engine that calculates subscription metrics -  precisely to fill this "last mile" gap in the tech stack for subscription companies.

    Integrating Stripe with Sage Intacct and leveraging Baker Tilly's SaaS Intelligence makes this whole process streamlined, integrated, and allows companies to see the health of their subscription business in real-time.

    Upcoming Live Webinar!

    On June 24th at 11am Central, Join Scott Hollrah, Managing Partner of Venn Technology, the creator of the first Stripe to Sage Intacct integration; and Chris Price, Head of the SaaS Vertical at Baker Tilly  and product manager for Baker Tilly's SaaS Intelligence product, a fully automated SaaS financial metrics tracking application, as they illustrate the advantages of a well-integrated SaaS finance tech stack.

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    From Cash to KPIs: Streamlining Payment Processing, Financial Management, and Proven SaaS Metrics

    Thursday, June 24th | 12PM ET / 11AM CT

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    Baker Tilly curates, integrates, and optimizes the right technology stack for your organization. We layer in our own proprietary “last mile” solutions. And we offer these technologies either via a Software-as-a-Service delivery model, where your own Finance function manages the day-to-day use of the technology, or via a Finance-as-a-Service delivery model where we run your accounting operations and provide the outcomes you need. Here are some additional resources that may help you find solutions for your challenges. Or schedule a discussion to go over your needs and goals now.

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