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    02 / 18 / 2020

    Focusing on the Big Picture in a Startup Environment

    Running a startup is hard. It is your baby and you give your mind, body, and soul over to it. Yet while you started with a focus on the big picture, it is easy to get lost in the weeds very quickly. At AcctTwo, we understand your headspace not only because we were a start-up ourselves, but because we work with start-ups everyday.

    startup big pictureThe Plight of the Founder

    The most common thread we hear is that founders are being stretched – imagine that! They run the day-to-day, manage finances, human resources, marketing, and sales, as well as maintaining a home life. It is a marathon disguised as a sprint. It is impossible to be so many things to so many people AND be an expert in all those things. Oh, and I forgot to add – all while trying to take time to see the big picture. Those two hours a week that you said you’d dedicate to big-picture planning are an illusion – made by an optimistic person that wasn’t trying to create a budget for 2020 in 2020! We know who you are, your secret is safe with us.

    "It’s not just about asking your team to work 40 more hours per week, it’s about asking your team to spend 40 less hours with their loved ones.” truly captures the plight of the founder, “We need to consider that our startups and their teams aren’t just the people that work at the company, but all of the people they go home to and the lives that are impacted.  It’s not just about asking your team to work 40 more hours per week, it’s about asking your team to spend 40 less hours with their loved ones.”

    How many hours less a week are you giving up with your family? Giving up on big-picture thinking? Giving up on innovation?

    New call-to-actionRegain Your Focus & Think Big (Again)

    I recently read an article from SmartBrief on the importance of big-picture thinking that said, “As your responsibilities grow and change, the better you will do if you can let others take care of the daily details while you steer the course toward the big-picture goals of your organization.”

    Letting yourself rely on others is so important so that you have the time to dream big and make important plans for your company’s future. Isn’t that why you started your startup in the first place?

    Give up the notion that it is failure if you don’t do it all. It is quite the opposite – when you regain focus it will lead to greater success.

    The answer is Outcomes-As-A-Service

    Outcomes As-A-Service

    There is always more work to be done and regaining that focus can be simple – procure outcomes, as-a-service. That’s right, do what you do best and let others do what they do best. This is especially true early on! Outcomes-as-a-service can be procured across a wide variety of specialties. For instance, if you don’t have a passion for marketing then find an amazing agency that can help you. If you are overwhelmed by human resource responsibilities, consider using a PEO like ADP. If you want to get out of the weeds of managing the daily finances of your organization, then outsource your accounting.

    By outsourcing you’ll gain:

    • Limited Interruptions: Eliminate the cost and impact of employee turnover, training, and recruiting from your budget.
    • Strategic Insights: Get real-time access from qualified experts to information that will help you drive your business to where it needs to go.
    • Focus on your core business: Shift focus away from peripheral activities toward bigger picture activities.
    • Scalability: Scale more easily with our team as your organization grows.

    Imagine claiming back those two hours to think about the big picture. What revenue-driving or innovative idea will you come up with? The possibilities are endless.

    Here are three simple rules to consider to ensure you get the outcomes you expect from outcomes-as-a-service (outsourcing):

    1. Make sure the provider understands your business as well as you do. So, if you are outsourcing marketing, the firm should understand how your prospects buy in your vertical space.
    2. Focus on the outcomes the provider will deliver. So, if you are outsourcing your accounting, what information will be provided so you can make the best decisions and how timely will it be? Real-time should be the answer.
    3. Understand how the solution will scale. You expect to grow.  You want to make sure that your provider can support this growth. 

    In my next post, I will share how we have taken our experience working with startups to develop a service that delivers the outcomes startup software companies expect all through a turnkey service. If you would like to learn more now, please visit

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