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    02 / 1 / 2012

    Can Your Fantasy Football Team Run Circles Around Your Accounting System?

    iPad with football playbookI love playing Fantasy Football. I’ve been playing it since 1992 when a group of friends got together to form our first league. Honestly, I didn’t understand Fantasy Football, but just being able to hang out with my friends and compete with them was enough to suck me in.

    Fantasy Football - 1990's

    Back then, keeping up with your score, your opponents score and anyone else in the league was really difficult. At that time the Internet didn’t exist, satellite carriers didn’t carry every NFL game and ESPN didn’t run their ticker showing all the stats. So, we did our best catching bits of information and estimating our rough score on Sunday nights.

    It really wasn’t until Tuesday morning, when the local newspaper came out with the Monday Night Football results, that we really knew our score. You see, our commissioner (who actually did work back then) would go through every game and enter player data into a spreadsheet that had pre-loaded calculations. He would then, somehow, get in touch with us and tell us how we did that past weekend.

    Funny thing is this … none of us trusted the commissioner and would do our own double checking of his work. Countless times we found errors where 94 yards were entered as 49 yards. It was a simple and honest mistake. But if we weren’t checking, it would be missed and those 4.5 points could be the difference between a win and a loss.

    Fantasy Football Meets Cloud Computing

    As the Internet came into its own, Yahoo!, ESPN and others started managing the stats. No longer did you need to do your own calculations or trust the commissioner to do the same. These sites presented the data through a username and password login and you could see where you stood. It was so cool. On Sundays, we’d still track our score as best as possible, but these sites would have the data all scrubbed and ready to be viewed on Monday.

    Then, someone came up with the brilliant idea of presenting real-time data. Why not write some type of script that sucked in data from other sources and allow for real time scoring? You knew instantaneously where you stood vs. your opponent and anyone else in the league. Man, we are living the high life, but what came next is what made the difference in managing my team … real-time information and projections.

    Any day of the week, as I am planning my lineup for Sunday, I can login and see all the data on my players. This includes:

    • Injuries (hangnails to torn ACLs)
    • Historical performances versus their opponent that upcoming week
    • How they play on turf versus grass
    • If the weather will be cold, hot or humid
    • How they play against a 3 – 4 defense versus a 4 – 3 defense

    Basically, if the data is there I can find all the information I need to make smart decisions with regards to my lineup.

    In less than 20 years, our league went from not really knowing where we were at any specific time, typing data from a newspaper into an Excel sheet, and trusting that our commissioner didn’t make a mistake, to being able to put the best team on the field given current and future models. It is so cool … and it could not be done without the technology and tools offered through these websites.

    As a consumer, I fully expect that every website I consider using to manage our league must have these capabilities. I don’t want to take a step back and have to manage the data on my own. I just want the information, reports and to be able to position my team as best as possible in order to crush my friends and have bragging rights. Heck, I am investing $100 a year to do this … I want to maximize my potential ROI.

    Is Your Accounting Software Stuck In The 1990's?

    Now, I have a few questions for each of you …

    As the leader of a small or mid-sized business, are you leveraging your technology and resources with the same expectations that you manage your fantasy football team? Are you relying on others to properly enter the data correctly? Do you or your staff manually create reports from QuickBooks or Excel in order to see how you did last month? In a nutshell, are you managing your department like a 1992 Fantasy Football team or are you playing with the tools and technology that are available here in 2012?

    Wouldn’t you rather have all the information presented to you in a format that allows you to manage your business? Don’t you want access to this information anywhere you can log into the Internet? Imagine being able to log into your system, pulling up more than 100 different reports (some completely customized) and knowing the data is 100 percent accurate and contains specific and real-time information. How well could you then manage your company’s Finance and Accounting?

    AcctTwo: Real-time Accounting Data In The Cloud

    In less than 90 days, AcctTwo can provide you with online accounting software that has the necessary tools, platforms and dashboards to manage your company’s finances in real-time. Everything you need will be at your fingertips, no matter your time, date or location. If you have access to the Internet, you have access to your data. Cloud computing makes this possible (as it does with all Fantasy Football information).

    Think about this … you are expecting the very best technology when investing $100 to play against your friends. You want the most current information about players, weather and other activities in order to create the best lineup for Sunday. No matter what, you want to be in the best position to win at the end of that week. Right? You would expect nothing less.

    Now, take a look at your company. Is it in the best position to win at the end of the week? Month? Quarter? Year? Is data being input improperly? How do you know? Do you know where you are really losing money, making money or where you could be leveraging your product better?

    From The Stone Ages to Real-Time in 90 Days

    AcctTwo can put you in this position … very quickly. AcctTwo is a leading consulting firm and reseller of Intacct's cloud-based accounting and financial management software. We will be happy to come to your office and explain how AcctTwo leverages the technology and its services to put you in a much better position. We save our clients a tremendous amount of time, energy and money, and we know we can do the same for you. Call us today and tell us your story.

    Don’t play with your companies resources using technology and processes from the 1990’s. It’s time to play in real-time, with real information, and take your company to places you’ve only dreamed.

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