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    05 / 27 / 2015

    How to Make Sure Your ERP Vendor Doesn't Drag Your Good Name Through the Mud

    Don't let your ERP selection process get ugly.Don't let your ERP selection process get ugly.

    When it comes to choosing a new accounting, financial management, or ERP system for your growing business, there aren't many resources out there as good as Their Managing Editor, Adam Bluemner provides a steady stream of content that will help you make that decision. In a recent post, he gives some great advice for implementing ERP and how to not only choose a good product, but also a good partner. Adam also links to some horror stories about ERP implementations gone wrong on a grand and very public scale.

    Check out his article, How to Make Sure Your ERP Vendor Doesn't Drag Your Good Name Through the Mud, and get tips on:

    • Finding software publishers and implementation partners that truly have your needs and solving your pain points at heart
    • How to calculate Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Making sure you check references and read reviews
    • Understanding what kind of support you can expect from the software vendor and implementor

    And for a guide to help you in this process, please take a look at our eBook, Implementing Change: the 6 Keys to Transforming your Finance and Accounting Organization. Just click the link below to get your free copy.

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