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    03 / 2 / 2020

    How the Big Picture View Enables Actionable Insights via Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboards


    Thousands of SaaS companies will be convening soon at the SaaStr Annual 2020 conference. The focus of the event is to help software companies grow and scale successfully.  AcctTwo will be exhibiting at the event and we are a proud gold sponsor because we believe in the purpose of the event and have seen the powerful transformation driven by advanced SaaS KPI dashboards that reveal actionable insights which enable successful scale up and faster growth for your company.

    What if you could easily capture and instantly access those metrics that shed light on the opportunities and pitfalls ahead, as well as the root causes of key performance trends? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have the detailed metrics you need, on demand? Here are the ways we’ve seen SaaS companies transform when they have the right metrics at the right time.

    Extending Beyond GAAP
    SaaS companies frequently struggle with data stored in disparate systems, requiring a time-consuming and error-prone multiple data entry process. With real-time SaaS metrics, you can extend outside of GAAP financial measures to examine and report on operational metrics that critical for your board reporting. This enables you to:

    • React to opportunities or trends instantly with real-time SaaS metrics
    • See actionable insights from visual trend indicators and detailed views by key business drivers
    • Phase out manual effort and the risk of errors with automated data importing
    • Configure your SaaS metrics to your unique outcomes, business processes, and more, down to the transaction level

    New call-to-actionNext-level Metrics with Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard
    The key performance indicators typically used to to spot trends, compare to benchmarks, drill down into the source data, and make faster, data-driven decisions include:

    • Churn
    • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
    • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
    • Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR)
    • Annual or Monthly Recurring Revenue (ARR or MRR)

    You can gain durable competitive advantage compared to your competitors by going deeper than the standard KPIs. With the Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard by AcctTwo, you’ll go beyond all the native power of Sage Intacct reports and dashboards to provide key business information to subscription-based business leaders. It is designed to use a normal order workflow and supports the standard Sage Intacct integration with Salesforce. The dashboard tracks all the typical metrics listed above, but goes beyond and:

    • Tracks multiple types of CMRR, including New, Recovered, Uplift, Downgrade, Churn, Foreign Exchange to name a few;
    • Adds analytical depth to SaaS metrics using Sage Intacct dimensions, enabling SaaS business leaders to slice and dice metrics by key business dimensions;
    • Automatically links SaaS entries to the order that created them for easy auditability of the results;
    • Provides visibility into orders that were expected to renew but haven’t been processed. See which customers haven’t renewed without reducing your total CMRR until a renewal or churn decision is made;
    • Allows for posting contract end transactions to an Open CMRR bucket which is not displayed in the total CMRR or contraction CMRR calculations.

    KPI SaaS Dash New

    The Most Insightful SaaS Metrics, On Demand
    With Sage Intacct, you can make quicker strategic decisions with real-time SaaS metrics that include not just GAAP financials, but the critical operational metrics crucial for your board reporting. You can count on your financial accuracy because all your data is captured automatically. You’ll be able to easily spot trends, compare to benchmarks, drill down into the source data, and more with dashboard as performance cards, reports, charts, and graphs.

    We’d love to see you at SaaStr 2020!
    We’d enjoy hearing how actionable insights from monitoring your key metrics has made a difference in your SaaS organization. Come visit us at SaaStr Annual 2020 March 10-12 at the San Jose Convention center. AcctTwo is a gold sponsor of the SaaStr Annual. If you’d like to schedule a specific time to meet us, just click here.

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