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    Your Ministry is Our Mission

    Get the church accounting automation and metrics you need to accelerate your Ministry.

    We're excited to work with Baker Tilly as a partner. They clearly understand church and are able to bring best practices to the table that will help us get the most out of Sage Intacct.

    Monty Carpenter
    Gateway Church

    Baker Tilly has allowed us to bridge the gap between efficiency and being a people-oriented caring ministry.

    Dennis Richards, Executive Pastor
    Preston Trail Community Church

    Now with Sage Intacct, we can generate a single report with a one-page recap of our financials, a second page for campus-level consolidations, and then additional pages for individual campus or ministry reports. Having this kind of flexible and robust reporting helps us be more productive, while making sure all our data ties together correctly.

    Glenn Wood, Pastor of Church Administration
    Seacoast Church

    Baker Tilly's ability to integrate with other systems is proving transformative for our church's credit card and payroll processing.

    Janet Bresson
    First Baptist Frisco

    Churches, Missions, and Camps

    Churches receiving the accounting automation and experienced guidance they need to accelerate their missions

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    Baker Tilly provides the finance and accounting automation solutions and metrics dashboards that matters for churches and faith-based organizations of any denomination.

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    "I’m spending less time preparing the financials and more time analyzing them. By outsourcing our accounting to Baker Tilly, I’m able to be more of a CFO and spend less of my time being consumed with day-to-day operations of running an organization. Now when a new challenge or project comes up, I’m able to put all my energy into solving it instead of focusing on the minutia.”  - Trent Linville, Director of Finance at The Bridge

    Church Outsourced Accounting Services

    Transitioning from Transactional to Strategic Finance with Baker Tilly

    The Bridge church decided to transition toward a greater focus on growing the multi-campus ministry as opposed to the day-to-day operations of its accounting and outsourcing to Baker Tilly just made sense.

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     “For us, dashboards need to be visual,” Wood explains. “For the most part, if I want to see a pastor’s eyes roll back in his head, I just have to hand him a financial report with tons of data.” [laughs] He ‘gets’ it — but that’s not what excites him.”

    Seacoast Church, Mt. Pleasant, SC

    Seacoast Church Makes Multi-site Accounting Work

    Church Executive magazine showcases Glenn Wood, business administrator at Seacoast Church and the innovation he has brought to multi-site church accounting.

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    Baker Tilly curates, integrates and optimizes the right technology stack for your organization. We layer in our own proprietary “last mile” solutions. And we offer these technologies either via a Software-as-a-Service delivery model, where your own Finance function manages the day-to-day use of the technology or via a Finance-as-a-Service delivery model where we run your accounting operations and provide the outcomes you need.

    Here are some additional resources that may help you find solutions for your challenges. Or schedule a discussion to go over your needs and goals now.

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